We are

your best ally

W e are an Insurance Broker, expert advisors and your best support in case of any problem or loss.

Our main objective is your tranquility, daily we work hard and with passion, so in case of any loss your only concern should be getting better, the rest we’ll take care it for you.

The team

with that always
you can trust

Our specialty is to give an excellent service to all of our clients by being your support in case of any loss, by knowing and anticipating any risk that you may have.


President / CEO

  • Commercial relationships
  • CFO


Operations Management & General Managing

  • Policy operations
  • Money collection


Damage executive

  • Damage policies operations
  • Policy Endorsements

Miguel Angel

Benefits executive

  • Analysis and monitoring of group policies in Major Medical Expenses and Life


Cars executive Jr.

  • Support in quotes, issues, cancellations and claims

Omar Cruz

Administration and Finance Manager

  • Operational procedure for major medical expenses and life policies

Marycarmen Martínez

Benefits executive

  • Individual, family or group quotes
  • High or low corrections

M.D. Nadia Medina Flores

Medical Dir. & Customer Service

  • Medical opinion
  • Training
  • Reimbursement procedures for Medical and Living Expenses
  • Customer service

Alejandro Hernández

Care & Service Cordinator

  • Support and Monitoring of Procedures
  • Medical and Life Insurance claims
  • Customer service



Mission _______

We work while you rest! Serve as intermediaries responsible, always looking for the best benefits for our clients. We want to meet customer expectations by providing convenient alternatives. To make any accident in a less traumatic experience. Serve our clientele 24/7.

Vision  _______

To grow and adapt to market needs. Expand our borders. That our strategies are followed by market leading insurers. Convert our brand in synonymous of reliability and efficiency worldwide.

Values  _______

We persevered and found the best solution for the client. We save the customer's time, money and effort. Unity is strength and our relationship with other insurance companies makes our service more effective. We have the responsibility to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Objectives _____

Remain as a solid representative partners and exclusive insurance intermediaries in a competitive market. Renew our strategies to customer requirements. Maintain our human capital passionate and proud in his work. Keeping our customers satisfied with the service all the time.